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Sonríe :)
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these 4 sisters took a new photo every 5 years for 40 years the result is amazing!





oh:c en partió el corazón:c

oh u.u
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This girl was crying and begging the policeman not to hit her or any of her friends. Then the policeman started crying as well and he said to her: “You just hold on girl.”
The photo comes from protests happening in Bulgaria right now. Students are protesting poverty and corruption in Bulgaria’s Socialist-backed government, chaining themselves to the doors of Sofia University and clashing with police outside of parliament.
After the photo was taken it quickly went viral

this picture is so powerful
Siempre me acuerdo de todo, ese es el problema.
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Tengo un “vamos a vernos” atorado en la distancia.
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'Soy lo oveja negra de to' el rebaño' ♥

No juzgo lana por su color-Lisa Simpson

Heaven Again - Sleeping with sirens